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Massive lead sees Rockliff's return to the leader board
By: Jonathon Mallinson
Mon Nov 3rd 2008

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Rockliff endures to win enduro
3/11/2008 1:00:00 AM

SCOTT Rockliff, of Sassafras, has won the Tasmanian Sand Enduro at St Helens by a margin of five laps from Hobart's Thomas Jacobson.
Rockliff, who has spent the past year modifying and improving his single-seat buggy, was keen to reclaim the title having last won the event back in 2000.

His vehicle, powered by a Subaru two-litre turbo-charged motor, ran faultlessly all weekend and led the race for the entire 100 laps.

Second-place getter Jacobson also had a trouble-free run in his Nissan SR20-powered buggy and he drove consistently to complete 95 of the 100-lap race.

The coveted two-day sand event, which formed the final round of State series, is known for its high attrition and even to finish the 500km event is a fine achievement.

Four-time winner of the event Stewart McKenzie, of Ulverstone, was sitting in second position at the start of heat two on Saturday when he rolled his single-seat Nissan- powered buggy along the beach straight.

Launceston's Adrian Cannon and Corey Saunders made an impressive assault on the event, holding down outright outright for much of day one, until they retired with a blown head gasket early on day two.

Claremont father and son team of Ian and Luke Whelan found themselves in third outright yesterday as they also circulated consistently in their two-seat pro buggy powered by a V8 Chrysler engine. Even a rollover by Ian in the fourth heat did not compromise their position.

Weather conditions were excellent for both days of racing action, which drew the usual strong crowd of spectators to the picturesque coastal setting.

Organisers were pleased with yet another safe and successful event and plans are under way for the 37th Tasmanian Sand Enduro next year.

Hitting the beach in a high-speed 'Rocka'
By Martin Agatyn
Fri Oct 31st, 2008

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Final off-road enduro at Peron Dunes
31/10/2008 11:42:00 AM

GOOD friends Adrian Cannon and Corey Saunders are most comfortable operating excavators, driving trucks, moving heavy machinery or riding their Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
But this weekend will see them add another vehicular notch to their belts - hooning around the spectacular Peron Dunes in an off-road single- seater.

The ARB 4x4 Accessories Tas Sand Enduro this weekend is the fourth and final round of the Tasmanian State and Offroad Series, also marking its 36th anniversary. Five heats over the two days will cover some 400km along Tasmania's picturesque coastline.

And vying for a spot, Cannon and Saunders will be driving the Rivmasta single-seater, powered by a Nissan three-litre turbo, that has won the event on several occasions in the past.

From the roadside to behind the wheel, this team is no stranger to the off-road racing scene. They are pit crew for former Single Seat Champion Hayden Tatnell. Now Cannon and Saunders will get their own chance behind the wheel.

"I am really looking forward to the actual driving experience more than anything. It is new for me to be behind the wheel in a competition sense, having only raced dirt bikes a bit in the past," Saunders said.

Cannon agreed, saying the light-weight, high- powered vehicle would be a welcome change from the 40-tonne excavator he is used to operating each day.

The duo have invested countless hours into the mechanical preparation of the car, and it has taken its toll.
"We have both shuffled our day jobs and family lives around trying to get the car ready - both our wives will be pleased when the race is over I reckon," Saunders said.

Besides being a whole lot of fun, the pair said the experience in the weekend's race would be valuable experience for them in their usual role as pit crew for Tatnell who is preparing to race the 2008 national circuit with a car he recently imported from South Africa.

The Launceston pair will be up against tough competition with contenders in the enduro including four-time winner Stewart McKenzie, of Ulverstone, and Scott Rockliff, of Sassafrass, who has fitted a new transmission to his Subaru-powered single-seater.

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