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Payne takes out the Latrobe Sprint Event - Dec 2010

18 Jan 2011

Event report written by: Lisa Morice

We were blessed with a perfect day - calm, sunny and pleasantly warm. We had rain ahead of the event which meant that track conditions were good, the dust was almost non existant at the beginning and by watering once or twice during the day it remained bearable.

Competition between vehicles was close with six eight lap sprint sections meaning fast and furious action. No-one could afford to cruise or they lost their position in the field. The starting order was changed every section so all entrants had an opportunity to start from pole position, not just the fastest vehicles.

Some large cars, Chris Wiggins, Terry Morice and Byron Murfet in his CORR truck, took up a lot of real estate on the tight and fairly narrow Latrobe track so passing had to be precision timed or you could end up in a ditch or the bushes. In fact Scott Rockliff took a rather alarming detour from "the sweeper" at one point when his goggles became covered in mud. He disappeared from sight for a few moments but reappeared on the other side of the shrubbery and rejoined the race with only a little time lost and no damage done. A normally consistant competitor, Scott also had a hair raising incident on the entry into the bush section and with his car on its side right on the track officials halted the race and restarted it once the track was cleared. No injury or major damage was sustained and in fact, Scott finished 3rd outright and 2nd in Pro Class.

Chris Boon and Nigel Nugawela joined the field for the first time at Latrobe and Chris certainly showed that he will be one to watch in the future in his chain driven Prolite buggy, however mechanical failure put him out half way through the day. Nigel suffered several niggling mechanical problems and, after fixing one with a new part obtained from town, and getting back on the track the next one was just too much. However, we wish Nigel the best for getting his car going properly for our first race in April 2011 so he can truly see what off roading is about.

The day belonged to two experienced competitors in local North West Coasters Michael Donohoe and Darren Payne. Both cars did the full number of laps possible (48) and only a bit over four minutes separated their times at the end. Darren and his navigator Kerri Wallace emerged victorious and claimed the Bendigo Bank Sprint Cup as well as the Prolite buggy class award at presentation later that afternoon.

Michael took out first place in the Pro Buggy class, with Scott Rockliff only three laps down and Byron Murfet breathing down their throats about a minute behind overall. Southerner Nick Glover came very close to placing only 2 more laps behind Byron. Other placegetters in Prolites were Chris Boon and David Jacobson. In the Performance 2WD class Stephen Watkins was right on the pace until he broke down half way through the day and Nigel got several laps in for the day for his first outing. Official results will be posted if anyone would like to see the details.

Congratulations must go to our winners, all competitors who joined in to make it a fantastic day of racing, officials and helpers who make holding our events possible. We also thank the crews who travel from other areas of the state to compete as it can be a very long way.




Full results here

Rockliff...  its a HATRICK at Tas Sand !

31 Oct 2010

Scott Rockliff of Sassafras has won the Tasmanian Sand Enduro for the 3rd consecutive year scoring a hatrick on the innagural event. Usually a 2 day event that covers some 100 laps of the 5km beach course, this weekend the race was cut short due to wet weather.Rock.jpg

Scott led all 60 laps from start to finish and had a faultless run in his self built Rocka A Arm chassis powered by an STI Subaru.

Darren Payne of Ulverstone was  2nd outright and Dale Newbon from the south of the state was 3rd outright both on 60 laps.

Wet weather threatened the event earlier this morning but a driver vote opted to postpone the start by an hour and a slight break in the weather allowed just 2 of the scheduled 4 heats before the decision was made to call it off.

A presentation dinner is being held tonight to honour all awardees both outright and in class as well as special awards such as Best Presented awarded to Dale Newbon, Most Spectacular went to David Jacobson and Kerry Wallace scored the navigators award for her efforts alongside 2nd outright Darren Payne.

Spreytons Chris Boon has won the Rookie award for his first run on the sand in the ex Darren Payne Suzuki powered 1300 cc prolite.

Organisers are pleased with how the weekend unfolded despite the bad weather and sincerely thank all officials for their help without whom the event could not run.

See the photos in the Gallery



Rockliff leads Tas Sand Enduro on Day 1 ...Chequered flag

30 Oct 2010

scott07.jpgScott Rockliff is in the lead on Day 1 of the 38th Tas Sand Enduro on the East Coast of Tasmania this weekend.
Rockliff in his Subaru powered Pro Buggy had a faultless run in todays 4 heats completing all 40 lpas in a time of 2hrs 7mins.

Fellow NW coast driver Darren Payne is sitting 2nd outright also on 40 laps but 6 mins behind Rockliff.
Hobarts Dale Newbon is in 3rd outright with Michael Donohoe in 4th on 38 laps and Justin Tatnell 5th on 37 laps after running out of fuel 3 laps from the end of the last heat.

Attrition was unusually low today with only 2 retiring, Mike Males with engine problems in this his 30th year of entering the long running event and Thomas Jacobson also going out with unknown issues.

Rain stayed away until the last heat today and racing starts again tomorrow at 10am when most of the 15 strong field take the green flag.
Entry is only $5 and there is trackside catering available.

Chequered flag


Terry Morice wins the K300 last weekend..

26 Sep 2010

The Kellevie 300 near hobart last weekend was won by Terry Morice of the NW Coast.

Windy conditions made for a sleepless night Friday night fearing for the marquee. The wind continued for most of the weekend, easing Sunday for the finish.

Scott Rockliff & Darren Payne dominated Saturdays prologue and the two heats but with Scott stopping in the creek with electrical problems, losing 3 laps to Darren.

Mike Males coming in third for the top gun, but finished with a broken diff Saturday.

A field of 13 starters found the track pretty tough as usual with only five buggies finishing Sunday.

The Escort of Stephen Watkins suffered front suspension damage Saturday only to have Byron drive the wheels off it in section 4.

Scott Rockliff finishing early Sunday with more electrical problems and Darren Payne suffered rear arm problems Sunday.

Rookies Chris Branch & Lisa Stalker drove to impress, but suffered gearbox damage and  changed it Saturday night to face more problems early Sunday.

The outright title eludes the southern club again with Terry Morice & Geoff Bakes from the North West club taking out the win.
Terry's 350 chev powered truggy proved to be pretty tuff, with a gear shift cable breaking leaving them to do the last section in second gear.

Southerners Wayne Campbell & Stuart OBrien coming in second outright and in Pro class nursing a cracked front end.

David Jacobson's  son Charles and his navigator Samantha Millar were third outright & first in Pro Lite, missing some gears.

Dean Maddock & Jack Radcliffe finished second in class & Fourth outright with Jack securing the  navigators award.

Michael Donohoe took out Best Presented and Troy Mason & Paul Quilliam the  Battlers Award.

Full results here and pics in the photo gallery.

Event report courtesy of Karen Whelan SORRA

Wet and Wild at the Pines..

5 Sep 2010

The Teagle Excavations Pines Enduro has been run and won for another year under the worst weather conditions the event has endured to date.

South Australian Dave Fellows in the Peter Kittle Motorsport Jimco has won the event outright and unofficially won the Australian Off Road Championship for 2010, despite the fact there is still one round of the championship to go.

Our two Tasmanians along with 74 other starters this morning found themselves battling chaotic conditions with the weather, water logged track and avoiding carnage, the order of the day.
So much so event organisers brought the event to a halt after the first of the scheduled six laps.
After lengthy deliberations where the field remained in parc ferme, the decision was made to continue the race with slight changes to the track and reduce it to only 2 more laps remaining.

Murfett who had left the start line in 11th position said the race for the first few kms resembled a stadium race with the weather and heavy traffic resulting in "total chaos". Finding their groove eventually they were devastated when the engine just suddenly cut out half way through the 70km lap.
The problem was overheated wires that had melted and caused a shut down. Towed back to the pits they used the opportunity of the race stoppage to repair the damage and then get on their way when the race resumed.


Pic by: Daniel 'Boof' Zimbinski

30kms into Lap 2 disaster struck again when out of nowhere the differential failed and forced them to retire.
Murfett said with this being only the third run for his US Corr truck he is pleased and happy with the overall result and will now focus on eliminating the overheating issue going forward.

Darren Payne and Kerri Wallace started from 21st on the grid today and Payne said he drove in survivial mode for the first lap just to stay on track in the poor conditions and also to conserve the car for the 5 remaining laps.

When the race was shortened to just 2 laps remaining Payne settled into his faster more agressive style and the results showed when he completed lap 2 in a 12th outirght and 3rd in Class. ( coming from 22nd outright)
In the final lap he admits he may have "overdrove" a little and knew as soon as he launched off a hilltop jump at the 53 km mark that he had done damage. Upon landing the top suspension arm broke and forced them to retire from the race with just 17kms to go.


Pic b y: Daniel 'Boof' Zimbinski


Payne like Murfett was pleased with the performance of his new car also in only its third run. He said he drove to the conditions as best as he could although ultimately it was driver error he said that forced him out.


Tassie mid race update - Pines

Atrocious & dangerous conditions on a small percentage of the track forced the race to a halt this morning after just 1 lap.

The decision has just been made by race officials that the event will continue with a slightly modified track and with only 2 x continuous laps instead of the scheduled 6.

The midrace break with cars under Parc Ferme gave me a chance to source brief updates from the Tassie crews.

Byron Murfet in his Extreme 2wd truck, suffered wiring lurgis yet again midway around the first lap, when some burned wires caused an engine shutdown. They were towed into the pits and have worked quickly to rewire the vehicle and are currently attending the drivers briefing and will head out again when the race resumes.

Darren Payne in the Prolite Nissan buggy completed the first lap in 22nd position outright but says he was driving according to the fact that the car needed to survive 6 laps. Now due to the dramatically altered event and with only 2 laps to go he will be going for gold as will Murfett.


Day 1 at the Pines - Tasmanians 11 and 21 Not Out!

4 Sep 2010

Harrowing wet and windy weather conditions made life very difficult for the 70 entrants contesting the prologue at the ARB Teagle Excavations Pines Enduro in Millicent SA today.

Despite the wet conditions which saw the prologue arena almost totally underwater, NW Tasmanian Byron Murfett was thrilled with his 11th outright placing in the prologue and 2nd outright in Extreme 2wd class behind Gartner.

Murfetts run saw him qualify for the Dash for Cash which is the top 3 prologuers in each class (outside the top ten)

With Chris Western getting the jump on him at the start it was tussle of big trucks which saw Murfett 3rd at the final bend and suffering slight damage to the top suspension arm after a bingle with Roe. The arm is now straightened and reinforced and Byron and navigator Steve Watkins are keen for race day tomorrow.

Darren Payne's prologue saw him net a 5th in Prolite class and 21st outright. Payne said he was not happy with the run due to the horrendous conditions that saw them aquaplane several times and literally "go backwards" on a few occasions. He said if the wet conditions continue for race day tomorrow he will need to change his approach just to stay in a straight line.

With more storms on the way, infact 110kms an hour winds expected tonight and further showers tomorrow it looks like the troops will be in for a wet one and eye witnesses at the track earlier this evening said it was a sea of blown over Quickie Shades!

All the best to our two Tas teams tomorrow and dont forget to tune into live covergage all day at


Murfett and Payne are PINES bound!

01 Sep 2010

Two Tasmanian teams have set sail, leaving the little island for the big one, enroute to contest the 4th Round of the AORC this weekend at Millicent in SA.


Darren Payne & Crew

Darren Payne from Ulverstone will contest his first national round for the year, in his recently built Prolite buggy powered by a 3.5 Litre Nissan.

Payne raced the Pines last year but in the ultra lightweight chain driven single seater - his own creation.
Yearning for a more horsepower he returned from that event and built a larger 2 seater that would also enable his partner and newcomer to off road Kerri Wallace to be involved.

This will be Kerri’s debut as a navigator at a national round and she is keen and excited following 2 races riding alongside Darren this year on the Tassie circuit. Kerri will share the navvy seat with Stew Mc Kenzie , Payne’s long time friend, crew member and successful driver in his own right.

Byron Murfett also hailing from Ulverstone on the NW Coast is ultra keen to get behind the wheel of his V8 powered CORR Truck again for the first time since Griffith when electrical issues forced him to retire prematurely.


Byron Murfett

Murfett said they replaced the entire wiring loom upon returning to Tasmania, only to find it was a throttle position sensor that had caused the grief at the NSW event.
With wiring lurgys now definitely eradicated, Murfett said he is hungry for some decent ‘seat time’, considering this will be only the third race for the newly built truck.


Murfett imported the chassis from the US a few years ago and has worked tirelessly to assemble it to the spectacular truck it is today.
Whilst the run at Griffith was short lived, Murfett said he was wrapped with the overall feel and running of the Extreme 2wd but he has made some changes since then including lifting the vehicle in terms of height and has ‘ geared it up’ via a larger tyre choice.

Both Tassie teams are well prepared and keen to take on the challenges of Millicent and the 70 entrants.

By: Cara Tatnell

Winter Action on the dunes...

01 Aug 2010

Scott Rockliff has taken out the Peron Dunes Sprint ahead of Darren Payne in 2nd outright and Micheal Donohoe in 3rd outright.


Pic by: Amelia Napier

Heavy rain the night before could not put a dampener on Saturdays event when the sun shone warmly on the 14 entries in the winter sand event hosted by NWORCC.

Special thanks to the large SORRA entry contingent making the journey from the South to contest the one day event, with good performances from the Jacobson clan with David finishing 2nd in prolite and son Thomas 3rd in Prolite.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for many of them though with Nick Glover completing only 1.5 laps before a blown head gasket forced him out.

Deloraine’s Justin Tatnell in his single seater powered by a Holden V6 was forced out with electrical problems at the half way mark of the 4 heat event.


Pic by: Amelia Napier

In the overall results it was the NW Coast boys who pegged out the leading positions with Terry Morice coming 3rd in Pro Buggy despite transmission troubles which slowed the chev powered Truggy.

2nd in Probuggy & 3rd outright was Michael Donohoe in his turbo charged Rivmasta single seater.

1st in Prolite and 2nd outright was Darren Payne in his newly built single seater that he is planning to run at Millicent in September in the 4th round of the AORC.

1st outright was Scott Rockliff also of the NW Coast giving his Rocka A Arm single seater a run for the first time since returning from the Finke Desert Race where he finished 22nd outright.

Organisers from NWORCC advised the shortened track which missed out the Northen End, still ‘cut up’ fairly quickly especially the whoops after the blackhole. The beach run in contrast was fast and flat and the winter tides caused no problems.

Chequered flag

Special thanks to Michael Donohoe and Pete Holman for track set up and Pete’s efforts at vehicle recovery with some assistance from Darren Bott and Chris Creely.

Keith Armitage handled all the pre event admin with many others such as Colin Jones, Greg Turner, Lisa Morice, Andrew Wylie, the Gordon-Smiths, Ian and Ted James, Brad Rockliff and Steve Watkins carrying out various roles on the day to result in a succesful event.

See some photos by Amelia Napier in the Gallery.


Tasmanians all reach the FINKE !

14 June 2010

All three Tasmnanian entrants completed Leg 1 of the 2 day event yesterday when they arrived at the iconic destination for the overnight stop.


Hayden Tatnell obvisouly got the hang of his new car very quickly on the journey down to arrive at Finke in 11th outright after coming through the field from 24th position to arrive in a time of 2hrs and 5mins.

Apparently Tatnell is thrilled with the performance of the car including the engine and handling following some adjustments made after his prologue run.
We also learned that he blew a tyre just 8kms from Finke travelling at very high speeds and drove in on a flat.

Tatnell will no doubt be revelling in the horespower of his V8 chevvy after years in a 1600cc turbo motor. Yesterday on the Bundooma to Mt Squires stage he scored the 5th fastest time overall.

Tatnell has left the start line this morning in 12th position due to the Gallard entry being seeded into the top ten following issues yesterday that slowed the usually very fast 4wd truck.

Scott Rockliff arrived at Finke in 13th position on the road just behind Tatnell but on corrected time sat in 16th position in a total time of 2hrs and 8 mins.

We have heard that Scott had a trouble free run and all is well with the car, for this his best Finke result so far at this the half way mark.
Scott made it to Finke last year but was hampered by a blown turbo that saw him withdraw at that point and not start the return leg.
Scott has left the start line this morning in 17th position ( due to a seeding) and we wish him all the best to finally get that Finke survivors spike he deserves!

First timer Dale Newbon would be thrilled with efforts so far arriving at Finke yesterday in 34th position in a time of 2 hours and 39 mins.
We have heard all is well with his car too and he has set off from the start line today and is on the way home. We wish him every success in finishing!

To follow todays progress go to the information from this site is fantastic.

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